Inspiring Ashgabat: Volunteers’ Inspirational Moment

Inspiring Ashgabat: Volunteers’ Inspirational Moment

Volunteers are the difference between a good and a great Games and this was very evident at our recent Inspiring Ashgabat events in April. More than 1200 students volunteered across eight days of competition and were committed to their volunteering tasks as showing high performance was their main goal.

First Stars attended several training sessions prior to the event. They were then assigned to different roles and demonstrated to be skilled, well-trained and had a great deal of fun along the way. Volunteers from sixteen local universities supported and inspired this event, wearing their beautiful and colorful uniform that reflects the Turkmen culture.

Rahym Hojagulyyev, Volunteer from Turkmen State Institute of Economics and Management said, “Being First Stars is full of fun and discoveries. I made a lot of new friends, learnt valuable skills and had enjoyed myself. I am motivated to learn new skills and knowledge. I am always ready to help and implement necessary tasks and showcasing that we are ready to host the 5th AIMAG in September.”

Muhammet Kadyrov, Volunteer from International University for the Humanities and Development said, “I am enjoying my volunteer journey. Volunteering is a great opportunity for me to practice skills that I will need in my future career as I have experienced working in a team, communicating with different people, planning and managing tasks. I am looking forward for the 5th Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games, where I will help and do my best to deliver the Games to a high level.”

The First Stars will continue their training to achieve great performance at Ashgabat 2017. Look out for more news on how First Stars are progressing along their journey on our website:

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