National Holidays of Turkmenistan

National Holidays of Turkmenistan

  • January 1 – New Year’s Day
  • March 8 – International Women’s Day
  • March 21-22 – Nowruz Bayram national spring holiday
  • May 18 – Constitution day, Unity, and the Poetry of Makhtumkuli
  • September 27 – Independence Day
  • October 6 – Day of Commemoration and National Mourning (commemorating the victims of the 1948 earthquake)
  • December 12 – Day of Neutrality and Day of Student Youth

Major religious holiday, like in most Muslim countries, is, of course, Nowruz – Fitr, which marks the beginning period of renewal in nature, the arrival of warmer days. Days preceding the holiday, dedicated to restoring order in the household and cooking traditional dishes from sprouted wheat, etc. And the holiday celebrated with a lavish feast guests. According to legends the abundance and variety of dishes on the festive table should provide for the family affluence of these products in the new year. With the ancient spring festival in Turkmen linked some signs, which are still popular among the people.

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