Margiana and Margush… what is correct?

Margiana and Margush… what is correct?

Margiana… where are the sources of this stirring name which has been entered into the history text-books as a symbol of undiscovered mystery of times?

It is not an idle that sooner and later every mystery becomes obvious. At the turn of the XX century A.D., almost four thousand years later, an enigmatic Margiana which is stuck in descendant’s memory only owing to angry apophthegm by Darius I, being carved on a famous Behistun crag: “The country of Margush became rebellious…”, has not only gone out oblivion but designated its own true place in the mankind development.

Margush margiana Turkmenistan
Margiana, Margush… What is more correct? Both of them. Both are names of the same contry – derivates of the Murghab – the river which life giving waters over shadowed the birth of a country and nation inhabiting there. Today Margiana us reckoned among the earliest centers of ancient eastern civilization, which live roots, as researchers think, have been feeding the crown of original culture of the Turkmens still nowadays. The first people to appear in the Murghab delta were settled agriculturalists. They lived in houses built of 45x25x15 cm mud bricks baked in the sun.

Margush Margiana Turkmenistan

Their settlements were erected between the delta channels in order to have water and ploghed fieldsto be irrigated. As a rule the bulk of such settlements had no outer fortification walls, so they could be extended outward in due course. The houses were separated by small inner courtyards fenced with high blind walls. These dwellings were the typical settlements of the ancient Margushians.

Dashoguz region is located in the northern part of Turkmenistan and lies on the left coast of the lower stream of Amudarya river.Northern part of the region is taken by the ancient delta of the Amudarya river, Sarykamysh lake and hollow and south-eastern outskirts of Usturt plateau. Climate of Dashoguz region is sharply continental with hot and dry summer while the winter is cold. The major part of its territory is covered by the desert with poor vegetation – saksaul, sedge, wormwood.

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