Kow Ata undeground lake

Kow Ata undeground lake, Baharden Turkmenistan

Kow Ata underground lake locates in about 100 km away from capital of Turkmenistan – Ashgabat. Kow ata means “father of caves”.

Legend says: in the era of the Parthian kings here happened a miraculous healing of rebel slaves who were supposed to be tortured to death.

Recent studies have confirmed the seismic stability of the modern arches of the cave as the cave is located in a seismic area, within which over the last 100 years has been tangible 220 earthquakes and 46 major earthquakes, which resulted in the vaults remained intact.

Kowata Baharden lake, Turkmenistan
Kowata Baharden lake Turkmenistan

The dimensions of the cave are:
length – 250 meters;
depth from the surface of the earth – 55-60 meters;
width – 50 meters;
height – 25-50 meters;
total area – 6300 square meters;
volume – 7500 cubic meters

The size of the lake:
length – 75 meters;
depth – 8-14 meters;
width – 14-23 meters;
area – 1050 square meters;
volume – 6500 cubic meters;
water temperature throughout the year – from 33 to 37.5 C.

In this treatment water contains sulfur, iodine, magnesium, potassium, sodium, sulfate, and chlorine, aluminum bromide, iron, antimony – total 38 elements. Bathing in the water has a beneficial effect on the body, improves circulation, helps to cure diseases such as rheumatism, colds, kidney and skin diseases, calms the nervous system.


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