Ashgabat zoo

Ashgabat zoo

The national museum of wildlife in Ashgabat was built in 2010 near the capital of Turkmenistan. The zoo occupies a substantial territory of 40 hectares, so as location were chosed the beautiful foothills of the Kopetdag mountains.

The population of the Ashgabat Zoo has about 250 species of various animals, birds and insects. There are all kinds of fauna of Turkmenistan, many of these animals are listed in the Red Book. On the territory of the Zoo there is an artificial lake, a waterfall, recreation areas and cafeterias.
Do not miss the museum “World of Animals”, here in aquariums you can see the water inhabitants of the Caspian Sea.

Zoo is divided into several zones, for more convenient acquaintance:
“African Savannah”
“The Bird Market”
“Possession of predators”
“Territory of ungulates”
The Museum “World of animals”

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