Alabai – one of the oldest breed of dogs

Alabai – one of the oldest breed of dogs


Alabai are very hardy, self-confident and fearless dog with a strong protective instinct. On the territory of Turkmenistan Alabai were withdrawn about 4000 years ago, since then they have become loyal allies of the Turkmen, protecting flocks and herds of animals from raids of predators. In view of its strong defensive instincts, Alabai is very wary of strangers.
Alabai, usualy, get along well with children in the family, always assuming the function of protecting them. At the same time, dogs are playful enough and have fun with children, seeing in them the subject of protection.

Paleontologists has found pictures of these dogs on the walls in excavations dating back to 2000 BC.
Alabai are very freedom-loving and temperamental, they need long walks and constant physical activities, that’s why they are grown up by active people.
Education of Alabai needs to be started from a very early age, so that the dog knew “who’s in charge in the house.” Otherwise, the dog will take the dominant position, as a born leader. Education of Alabai is strictly not recommended for beginners.

Proud and strong animals, Alabai dogs are calm, but internally distrustful to strangers.
You can not silently suppress the nature of the Alabai, you have to communicate with the dog and only then it will become a best friend.
They quickly learn the laws of the pack, if they are all built on mutual respect.

At work and at home – it’s two different Alabai. A clever, hard and formidable guard, capable of strangling a wolf, at home the dog will gladly fiddle with the children and play with the host.
Thousands of years, the essence of the Alabai was to guard, whether it be a flock of sheep or a house with children. This task, they are doing excellently today.

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