Equestrian center “Bedev”, 12km from Bayramali, Turkmenistan

Equestrian center “Bedev”, 12km from Bayramali, Turkmenistan

As you know, Akhalteke horses were withdrawn on the territory of Turkmenistan many thousands of years ago. That is why, till now turkmens has a tremulous attitude towards this breed of horses. Today, like thousands of years ago, turkmens follow the purity of the Akhal Teke breed, arrange races and admire their beauty and grace.

Many racetracks are located on the territory of Turkmenistan, but one of the most interesting is located 12 km from the city of Bayramali in the Mary velayat (state). Here you can not only take an active spectator’s participation, but also visit the stables, stroll through the vast territory of the racecourse, taste delicious dishes of local cuisine and even spend the night.
On the territory of the racetrack is the hotel, in case you want to spend more time with the horses.

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