2018: Turkmenistan – the Heart of the Silk Road

2018: Turkmenistan – the Heart of the Silk Road

“Building new roads and railways, seaports and bridges, our motherland revives the Great Silk Route in the third millennium” – President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov said in his New Year speech to the Nation.

We are realizing this concept by not only building big transport infrastructure, routes and transit corridors. Our neutral independent state makes big contribution to the development and consolidation of political, trade and economic, cultural and humanitarian relations in international arena, the Head of the State highlighted, expanding the justification of 2018 slogan “Turkmenistan – the Heart of the Great Silk Road” up to comprehensive concepts and ideas about the peace and cooperation for the creation of better future for all humans.

The logistic strategy of the Head of the State visually demonstrates these priorities. Recently, such grandiose projects as the construction of International Airport in the capital, first part of International railway Turkmneistan – Afghanistan – Tajikistan, Kerky – Ymamnazar – Akina section, have been accomplished in Turkmenistan. Turkmenbashy Seaport, Ashgabat – Turkmenbashy autobahn and other facilities are under construction. Comfortable and safe international corridors with the involvement of railway, automobile, air, maritime and river transport are made in the country what, in its turn, provides sustainable development of the region, improvement of neighbour relations between the nations, consolidation of the cooperation and the increment of trade turnover volumes.

Turkmenistan turns into important intersection of the railroads, large transport and transit centre of Eurasia. Turkmen railway constructors work actively on building of the line from frontier station Serhetabat in Mary Velayat to Afghan city Turgundy. This important for neighbour country project was launched by President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov on 29 November 2017, having blessed the start of the construction of the railway that opens large opportunities for Afghanistan to join transport and logistic system of Turkmenistan and entire region via our country.

This railway gives our southern neighbour the most favourable mode of export of the production to foreign markets and import of required goods. This project will also support to the increment of the volumes of interstate cargo traffic as well as to the establishment of Turkmenistan as the key transport and logistic centre of the region and the continent.

The development of transport communications becomes one of the most important conditions of efficient international partnership in our days. Turkmen people, who praised the construction of the roads as noble deeds, deservingly continue this tradition, the President of the country noted.

This subject is explained in details in the book of the Head of the State “Turkmenistan – the Heart of the Great Silk Road” based on the facts from national history, extracts of ancient legends and events of modern life of the country.

In his work, the President makes special mention that of the one of the fundamental roles in the establishment and active operation of the Silk Route, every branch of which deserves to be included to the UNESCO World Heritage List, belongs to Turkmens.

Therefore, successful realization of the largest transport projects by our country writes modern history and give new interpretation to the idea of the restoration of the Silk Route, which heart is neutral Turkmenistan according to President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov.

The roads of friendship and constructive partnership, which are built by our country, support the consolidation of the contacts under such large international and regional structures as the United Nations, Shanghai Cooperation Organization, Common wealth of Independent States, Economic Cooperation Organization. New routes created under active participation of Turkmenistan improve the role of our region in the provision of sustainable development in Eurasian space.

The function of the Silk Road in modern conditions is performed by international transport and logistic system, which is good foundation for establishment of political and economic dialog and became considerable factor of integration processes on the principles of good neighbourliness and mutual and versatile benefit.

Pipeline transportation can be related to this field as well. The construction of Turkmenistan – Afghanistan – Pakistan – India gas line, which is to be laid across the places of this ancient caravan route, has been started two years ago. This project will support not only the solution of economic but also topical social objectives for participating countries. President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov notes that integrated transport system involving all sectors of communications with precise technical and legal policy, coordinated mechanisms of cooperation is able to influence geopolitical situation defining close relations of its economic components with national strategies of the development of the countries.

Being an active participant of positive global processes, our country tries to make its input to the formation of new architecture of international relations based on balanced sustainable development. The Conference “Turkmenistan in new historical age: Large-scale programmes and capabilities” held together with the Ministry of Education and the Democratic Party in Magtumguly Turkmen State University on January 2 was dedicated specifically to this subject.

Heads and representatives of non-governmental organizations, students and teachers of number of high educational institutes of the capital, scientists and experts of scientific and research institutes and mass media took part in the work of the forum.

The participants highlighted that the reforms implemented under the leadership of President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov support unusual progressive renovation of social and political system and recognition of the authority of our state by the world community.

Steadfast implementation of the state programmes, fundamental reformation of all branches of national economy and transit to market relations as well as other factors made positive effect on unprecedented economic growth of our country on the background of economic unsteadiness in the world.

Special attention of the participants of the forum was focused on the cooperation of Turkmenistan with the UN, which activity is aimed at the peace around the world and sustainable development of the states of the planet. The partnership with specialized structures of this competent organization became the priority of successful foreign policy of our country oriented to the formation of new architecture of the global security, making of optimal conditions for the provision of universal stability, high level of social and economic development for the prosperity of the countries and nations in the world.

The speakers highlighted the positive role of large-scale reforms held under the leadership of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov, which supports the study of the history of Turkmen nation, protection and popularization of its material and spiritual heritage, activation of scientific researches and attraction of the leading specialists from other countries to it. The purpose of such cooperation is to protect undisputable evidences of our ancient national culture for future generations.

Commenting on the result of their studies, the speakers confirmed the fact of the importance of the discoveries made of the territory of our country. Impressive outcomes of the work of archaeological expeditions allow international community to understand historical way of Turkmen people, to get familiar with the traditions and customs and to appreciate its priceless contribution into the world scientific and cultural progress.

The importance of Turkmenistan initiatives in transport and communication sphere, particularly the perspectives of the optimization of the network in North – South and East – West directions, which is to unite vast spaces from Pacific Ocean to Baltic and from the north of European continent to Indian Ocean, was highlighted.

Special attention was paid the popularization of the phenomenon of the Silk Route as the factor of the convergence of nations and cultures.

Today, Turkmenistan states with confidence of itself as of international tourism centre where modern infrastructure of the branch and its efficient model are made under the leadership and personal patronage of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov.

From the time primordial, Turkmen nation was famous with its traditions of hospitality, which acquire new bright sides, having absorbed the innovations in tourism industry. Historical and cultural identity and richest national heritage including Turkmen carpets and ahalteke horse famous around the world, ancient monuments and unique natural ecosystems allow the country improving its international rating in this field winning better positions in tourism market.

The trip along the Great Silk Road, which facilities include the monuments included to the UNESCO World Heritage List is one of the most popular tourist routes.

New feature of this historical route that became bright phenomenon of human civilization is embodied not only in trade and economic relations of the states but also in their humanitarian contacts as well as in sport field. Ashgabat 2017 Games that were held with the great success and gathered together not only 64 teams from Asia and Oceania, refugee sportsmen but also numerous journalists, spectators and tourists from all over the world.

As is known, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov proposed the idea to organize international rally from Amul to Hazar along the Great Silk Road.

Foreign participants of the rally would have a chance not only to familiarize themselves with the heritage of Turkmen people but also to see new life, which come to these legendary places together with fundamental social and economic transformations, scientific and technical progress and industrial development of the regions of the country that improves its role of important transport hub on the Silk Route in modern age.

The Head of the State also noted the necessity of making new tourist routes along this road involving not only the world famous but also less known historical and archaeological monuments of our country as well as its natural places.

If once upon a time, caravan paths crossing endless sands spread around the oases of prosperous cities then today, high-class autobahns and modern railways are running there. All of these, together with the immersion into the landscape environment will give the unique opportunity to the tourists to imagine the past and the future of this Route.

The advantage of geographic location of Turkmenistan on the crossroad of the main routes of the continent allows realizing national transport resource with maximum benefit in the development of economic relations and the wealth of cultural heritage – improving the role in humanitarian dialog between the nations.

Promoting this concept, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov highlights that the formation of modern ramified transport and communication system is one of the prisorities of the state policy of Turkmenistan, which is aimed at progressive social and economic development of the country and establishment of wide regional and international cooperation in the interest of universal prosperity.

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