International Exhibitions in Turkmenbashy: Innovations and efficient partnership

International Exhibitions in Turkmenbashy: Innovations and efficient partnership

I CEF 2019 in Turkmenbashi city, Turkmenistan

Caspian Exhibition of innovative technologies and Türkmen sährasy-2019 International exhibition, which were organized under the First Caspian Economic Forum, were opened in Turkmenbashy.

Grandiose event is to demonstrate the achievements and potential of different branches of economies of Caspian states and their partners. Large review is an efficient ground for active exchange of practice for use of latest technologies, strengthening and establishment of cooperation.

Members of the Government, heads of ministries and departments, representatives of international organizations, delegates of the First Caspian Economic Forum, mass media took part in the opening ceremony of the exposition, which was expanded at the territory of Turkmenbashy International Seaport.

The participants have listened with great enthusiasm to the greeting message of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov to the members and guests of representative reviews, which would be very important for familiarization with perspective of further development of trade and economic relations not only between Caspian states but also between all interested sides.

The message of Turkmen leader expressed the confidence that these exhibitions would play an important role in expansion of goodwill relations, trade, transport, transit, economic, investment partnership between the states of the region.

57 foreign and 62 national exhibitors are represented at the exhibitions, which total area is more than 13.7 square meters. The concept of organization of the review is in creation of unique opportunity for further Caspian agenda, definition of priority directions of the partnership.

At present time, global interest to the region is provided by number of important factors, among which Caspian Sea plays a special role, which importance goes far beyond its geographic border as it rapidly turns into one of the main centres of geographic political and economic processes. Big transport and transit hub of international level, which includes sea, land and air routes, perspective energy routes, is under formation in this place.

Therefore, the main objective of Caspian Exhibition of Innovative Technologies is to make conditions for demonstrations in IT sphere, exchange of practice, establishment of efficient cooperation between the states of the region and international community.

Turkmen Sahrasy 2019

The review is started with Turkmenistan National exhibition hall, which occupies the area of around 100 sq. m. It reflects new industrial policy, which is implemented colossal economic potential of the country. The exposition presents the projects of diversification of production facilities, their rearmament, increment of production capacities and development of big investments in different directions of industrial growth, which has been completed and are under implementation.

Special accent was made on the processes of full automation of production facilities, introduction of efficient technologies, opening of new production facilities making import substitutive and export oriented goods on their base.

In particular, different ministries including the ministries of energy, textile industry, trade and foreign economic affairs, agriculture and environment protection, construction and architecture presented their displays at the exhibition.

The State Concern Turkmengaz and Turkmenebit, agencies of transport and communication complex as well as Trade and Industrial Chamber and the Commodity and Raw Material Exchange speak visually about their work. Banking section, water management, health protection and sport sphere also have place in National exhibition hall.

Materials of the exposition cover all directions of the country development, which GDP growth was 6.3 percent for the last seven months. Investments to the economy of Turkmenistan were 30 percent of the gross domestic product where the share of foreign investments was 12 percent. In 2018, the amount of investments was 11.5 billion US dollars where 65percent were invested to production sphere, which resulted in the construction of big industrial projects represented at the displays of innovative exhibition.

For example, production of the plant for production of gasoline from gas, which was opened with participation of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov recently, polymeric plants in Kiyanly, Turkmenbashy Refinery Complex, etc. was exhibited.

Transport sphere of the country also demonstrated big success due to important infrastructural projects implemented by the initiative of the Head of Turkmen State. Here is some facts and figures: in 2014, 925-km Kazakhstan – Turkmenistan – Iran railway was put into operation. It literally bring into life the construction of railway corridor along the North – South route, which connected the North of Eurasian continent with the South with the entry to terminal of the Persian Gulf. Kerky – Ymamnazar – Akina has been built in Afghan direction. Modern Turkmenbashy International Seaport, which would help increasing number of transit cargo in different routes and becoming connecting link for delivery of production from Asian part of the continent to Europe, Baltic Region, Black Sea, Mediterranean and Middle East has been put into operation in May 2018.

Achievements of the Academy of Sciences of Turkmenistan and systems of education, culture, publishing service, the State Committee for Television, Radio Broadcasting and Cinematography are also demonstrated there. Of course, the theme of ahalteke horse was reflected in the exhibition. Regions of the country as well as Turkmen entrepreneurs who established partnership relations with foreign companies are also presented.

Private sector of Turkmenistan is represented by the Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs. Representatives of non-governmental sector of the economy have gain enough experience in opening of the facilities for development of rich natural resources of the country, successfully competes with foreign companies in construction industry and production of construction materials, which is indicated by the displays of the members of the UIET. These companies are involved in production of consumer goods, construction, food industry and other spheres.

Old partners of our country, leader at the market of various goods, equipment, service and technologies like Thales, Hyundai, CNPC, PETRONAS, LG, Schlumberger, Dragon Oil, Bouyegues, John Deere, Itochu, Zeppelin, VINCI, Sumitomo, Huawei, General Electric and other companies foreign participants of the exhibition.

Companies trying to enter Turkmen market, which take part in such events in Turkmenistan for the first time, share their achievements and practice.

I CEF 2019 Caspian Economic Forum, Turkmenbashi city, Turkmenistan
I CEF 2019 Caspian Economic Forum, Turkmenbashi city, Turkmenistan

Foreign exhibitors occupied around 5,000 sq. m. at the exhibition. Countries of Caspian region – Kazakhstan, Iran, Azerbaijan and Russian Federation including the Republic of Kazakhstan and Astrakhan Region, which delegations came to the I Caspian Economic Forum, have opened their exhibition halls and displays. It was not only business circles but also specialists, leading scientists and experts, demonstrated high interest in review.

Turkmen TV channels, which prepare the materials and make live broadcast, organized their studios. Well-equipped press centre, where online broadcasts from the events and presentations of the exhibition can be watched and necessary information can be found, operates for work of journalists.

From the exhibition, the visitors can go to another huge hall, which accommodates motor exhibition, which allows seeing and assessing latest and popular vehicle models. For example, these are Russian Lada and Aurus as well as KAMAZ and GAZ production line.

Azerbaijan Motor Factory “Azermash”, which started the production of light vehicles “Khazar”, “Iran Hodro” Iranian vehicle producer, Uzbek “UzAutoMotors”, Belarusian MAZ presented their production.

Great attention of the visitors was attracted by the vehicles of German make, which are thought to a model of quality, style and reliability in motor world. these are different models of Mercedes, Volkswagen, BMW and Audi.

Japanese vehicle production industry as one of the most famous in the world was represented by such brands as Toyota, Lexus, Mitsubishi, Mazda. The Republic of Korea has illustrated its motor industry by Hyundai and China by Yutong bus.

English vehicles are associated with comfort and luxury, which is indicated by Bentley demonstrated at the exhibition. No one can be impartial looking at expensive sport car of Italian brand Lamborghini.

In addition to the vehicles, rare motorcycle 1996 Chrysler as well as modern bicycles have been demonstrated at the review.

In addition to the hall with more than 70 vehicles, the exhibition is also organized outdoor.

Exchange trades, which presented the production made in Turkmenistan, have taken place during the work of Caspian Exhibition of Innovative Technologies. More than 100 foreign companies competed in the trades, organized by the State Commodity and Raw Material Exchange of Turkmenistan. The geography of brokers is quite big – these are representatives of companies from USA, Great Britain, United Arab Emirates, Germany, Estonia, Switzerland, Russia, Turkmen, China, Singapore, Luxemburg, Malta, Afghanistan, Uzbekistan and other countries as well as Turkmen entrepreneurs.

Trade of oil and petrochemical production like gasoline, diesel fuel, polypropylene, jet fuel, liquefied gas, technical iodine, carbamide, technical sulphur and other is the main part of exchange operations of the SCRMET. Production of national light industry, agriculture and processing branches are also the main articles of export.

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